The commentary of Michael (after the workshop in April 2016)

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you something important for me.
In mid-April of this year, I took part in the Men’s Workshop, which led Tom De Winter. I am impressed by the benefits that now I collect. And I feel this is just the beginning. I was touched the most by the initiation on the workshop. That is what is missing in Europe. Men are brought up by their mothers. I felt like a boy taken into the unknown. As the young Indian who is cared by his tribe. They are taken at the age of about twelve from the mother and then this man is ready at the age of eighteen to start a family. When I was eighteen years old, I was ready to start a family etc. Although I am now thirty years old, I do not feel ready yet to start a family but I feel closer to this, I feel more myself, my masculine energy.
Thanks to himself and everyone connected with it :):
Janusz Pietrzak, Tomasz Szczepanowski, Tadeusz Kuropatwiński
Thank you friends 🙂
I invite all sentient a Call and adolescent men in these difficult, European conditions for the Tom’s Workshop.…
27 – 30 October