The commentary of Lucas (after the workshop in June 2014)

Greetings my brothers,

The workshop gave me inner strength, peace and confidence. I completed some kind of gap within myself, I boosted my male energy, I came back to eatrh in relation to myself and other men. Coming for the workshop was one of the best decisions that I made. And although the impact with reality was difficult, I do not regret anything. I feel that I returned to “the internal home.” I’m relieved. Thank you with all my heart.
I am also pleased that after the workshop I have already met with £ukasz and with his 3 year old son we played and talked on the playground for 3 hours. Great time. And together with Martin – we drank a beer and talked as the most real brothers – with respect, joy. We are strong. It works. We can help each other in our lives. I am delighted such contacts.

I have proposed, for example, to create a group on Facebook for us. Only authentic men. We can contact, arrange meetings and trips, share information, reflections. What do you thinka bout it?

In the fraternal embrace – I greet you all !!!


Is there anything else in the relationship with your partner / children / parents after more than five months of your participation in the men’s workshop?

1. CHILDREN: I feel a huge emotional responsibility in relation to children. I take myself by surprise that I am so sensitive and aware of my own role. I discovered new resource of love for children.
2. MEN: I stopped being afraid of guys. I am open to getting to know them. Censorship disappeared in me, that when dealing with men, someone will accuse me of being gay. Now I treat men as “brothers.” I learned to look them in the eyes, understand and listen. I fancy more to make friends with them now.
3. WOMEN: I feel that they are from “another planet.” However, I treat them as “partners” and not someone “worse”, someone who is “below”. I started to listen to them, I’m empathetic. Women attract me even more now.

What is your inner feeling in relation to your masculanity?

I WITH MYSELF: I am much calmer. I feel more masculine, mature, responsible. I also feel an inner confidence and strength. I feel this to be an exceptional guy. I have become more intelligent and independent. I like my body and my voice even more. I have more energy. I can feel their psychophysical individuality against women. I can and want to spend time alone. I also know that I am able to use my physical strength to defend myself, children, women and others who need it.
HOW OTHERS PERCEIVE ME? : Masculine, organised, soulful, mature, sensible, wise, “bigger”, more handsome, more attractive, changed.