Robert commentary (after the workshop in June 2014)


Thanks for sharing experiences after the workshop, I am adding my ones.
I also feel stronger, I have a sense of inner support and I look for it less outside myself.
There is easier for me in contact with other men, I am now more natural than before the workshop.
I am more determined and less analyse internally already taken decisions.
I finished a few minor issues which should be completed for a long time and the next few ones I am going to complete in the near future. I resonate with Tom words very much, that we can only betray ourselves. Well, I am going to complete what I started and enjoy it.
I have the impression, as Slawek, that my voice changed to a deeper, slightly lower, now I also like more it.
When I returned, my friend asked me: “what happened on these workshops”. I replied: “I will not tell you, because it’s men’s workshop”, what she replied to: “Oh, that is how you need to treat a woman!”, she was very glad.
Unfortunately, I caught a disease that has intensified over the weekend, so I did not speak up in the meeting matter. I have already recovered. Perhaps it was a transitory effect of difficult decision I made, but it was definitely the only way I could be honest with myself.
I do breathing and energy exercises which Tom taught us , I like them very much. We can practice them practically everywhere, I like doing these exercises in buses.
I hope that these positive changes are permanent.

kind regards,