Also I want to write you a few words, especially since it was a very important workshop for Thomas and me.

Tom is a great man, and that he decided to leave for Kawkowa, only confirmed my perception of him as a brave and fearless at the same time humble and open to new areas of himself, and it is extremely rare ..

After the workshop, I noticed that, Tom is wysubtelnił, has a milder features, feel it more feminine energy in his behavior. He was always sensitive, but now pick even more pleasant gestures every day. Thomas is extremely sensitive to me, I feel when I want something to say or ask. It surprises me that that as soon guesses my intentions, as if reading my mind … ??

Gentlemen do not know if you know that, Thomas began studying the violin !! Also inspired his son and learn together, is not that great !!

Sex always had brilliant, now changed the energy level is more inward. I have long orgasms … and great humor the next day. I open my eyes and see the wonderful sly smile on his face Tom and love in his eyes.

And still I brag a little … and basically Tomaszek :-))
Tom surprises me every day when I come back from work he is doing for us dinner lights the candles in the house. Drobi me meat, to me it was easier to eat … (I have braces instead of 80, it was the only correction Tomek in this text .. :-)))
What wakes me in the morning the smell of coffee in bed and beautifully prepared breakfast on the table, sandwiches to work !! (No longer by five but seven changes .. :-)))
Recently, we live together in a house and magically repaired and operate all the sockets, lamps, light bulbs, etc .. The guy handyman!

It’s wonderful that sense, my man that cares about me. He takes care of our house. I feel special.
I feel like a woman, a woman unique :-))
As Kasia, I can confirm that being a man in connection terribly hard “work.”

Today, I told him that, in love with him more and more, because that’s what happens. Tom meets the increasingly deeper levels, fascinates me and more and more I like it, like as a man, partner, man, the soul.

I am very proud of my MAN, I feel that, I found his other half, we’re supposed to come on the whole, in this case the more I feel that the more we are one.

Gentlemen may more such cool “workshops” in our life what you and We wish with all my heart.


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