For a long time I am developing my femininity, but since the return of Sebastian with male initiation my development took a dizzying pace! I have a feeling that it was not weeks, but months have passed since this workshop .. 🙂

The changes I see in many areas – in his appearance, behavior, in my perception of Sebastian, and most actually in sex … and they are absolutely the best and the biggest changes, which in this field have ever experienced! Well, but in turn ??

As for appearance, it seems to me Sebastian larger, the fuller, for example. Always admired his broad chest, but right now knocks my socks off! 🙂 As for behavior, is what strikes me most is his deep inner peace, but at the same time hidden strength. I look at him and know that this guy has layers of inner power that no one he does not jump … He he, even I zrymowa這 🙂 Seba was always zen – outdoors. But this the new peace is another quality. She has some depth, maturity and wisdom … I look at him differently. I feel respect and admiration …

A sex … write a short, but I could make about this whole poem – Sebastian made me conscious woman … Excuse me gentlemen, with respect for our privacy more in the news about it will not be … 🙂

At the same time, and probably and consequently, watching as she quickly and firmly to changing … I allow myself to subtlety, delicacy, ethereal, slush, receptiveness … for everything feminine, and previously turned down because it seemed weak and boring … only now I am discovering what a fun … How cool is to allow yourself to be a woman 🙂 How cool is to put a long skirt, shed uncomfortable high heels, wipe artificial makeup, stop seduce, and just be … together … and this is the greatest aphrodisiac …

In other words, I become a woman in a relationship. Leaving the man is masculine. What a relief not having to be a guy in a relationship, phew! ??

There’s something else. Sebastian makes me feel like a queen. In his every gesture – when he opens the door, shakes hands when getting out of the car, bringing tea to the bath and many other such “minor” actions – there is so much love, respect and any such sublimity. I really feel if I was the queen. Now I also know that I feel this way because they let Sebastian so treat … And it has nothing to do with being a princess being carried on a pedestal. On the contrary – I feel honored that it was THE man with a capital “M” so nobly treats me … I accept.


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