Female partners of men taking part in the Men’s Workshop wrote down their impressions about what has changed in their lives. We present them with their consent, in their original form. We encourage you to read, and the ladies thank you for your openness!

To no one to torment let me briefly present:

As I mentioned, by booking a place to my husband in the workshop I had great hopes, that someone will be able to move my husband emotionally. Unfortunately, emotions, and their showing was not at his best, as his parents supressed his emotions in his childhood. For this reason ha had difficulties in showing his fondness. For this reason he had difficulties in showing his fondness, with sensitivity to his feelings and others. Someone whom nobody ever hugged on average they feel the need to hug the other – that is how it works … Besides, I’m very keen on the fact that my husband spent a few days with the men with whom he can establish truly male relationships, because there is no relatioship between him and his father (his father physically exists and raised Jack, unfortunately, they do not have the slightest emotional bond with each other on the level of son-father). Therefore, my husband has huge deficits in deriving power from the male energy, openness of his heart and confidence.

At this point, I would really like to thank the organizers for the male workshop. The changes that have occurred in Jack exeeded my boldest expectations, I think his ones all the more. He came back to me as a completely different person, a real man of flesh and blood. I do not know what you are doing there, but the effects are amazing! Our relationship hopped on a completely different, emotional level and bringing with it a new quality of everyday life. When Jack called me after the workshop I did not recognize his voice. In fact, now it is the voice of another man … I recommend to all, who are looking for better quality for their relationship.