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Also I want to write you a few words, especially since it was a very important workshop for Thomas and me.

Tom is a great man, and that he decided to leave for Kawkowa, only confirmed my perception of him as a brave and fearless at the same time humble and open to new areas of himself, and it is extremely rare ..

After the workshop, I noticed that, Tom is wysubtelnił, has a milder features, feel it more feminine energy in his behavior. He was always sensitive, but now pick even more pleasant gestures every day. Thomas is extremely sensitive to me, I feel when I want something to say or ask. It surprises me that that as soon guesses my intentions, as if reading my mind … ??

Gentlemen do not know if you know that, Thomas began studying the violin !! Also inspired his son and learn together, is not that great !!

Sex always had brilliant, now changed the energy level is more inward. I have long orgasms … and great humor the next day. I open my eyes and see the wonderful sly smile on his face Tom and love in his eyes.

And still I brag a little … and basically Tomaszek :-))
Tom surprises me every day when I come back from work he is doing for us dinner lights the candles in the house. Drobi me meat, to me it was easier to eat … (I have braces instead of 80, it was the only correction Tomek in this text .. :-)))
What wakes me in the morning the smell of coffee in bed and beautifully prepared breakfast on the table, sandwiches to work !! (No longer by five but seven changes .. :-)))
Recently, we live together in a house and magically repaired and operate all the sockets, lamps, light bulbs, etc .. The guy handyman!

It’s wonderful that sense, my man that cares about me. He takes care of our house. I feel special.
I feel like a woman, a woman unique :-))
As Kasia, I can confirm that being a man in connection terribly hard “work.”

Today, I told him that, in love with him more and more, because that’s what happens. Tom meets the increasingly deeper levels, fascinates me and more and more I like it, like as a man, partner, man, the soul.

I am very proud of my MAN, I feel that, I found his other half, we’re supposed to come on the whole, in this case the more I feel that the more we are one.

Gentlemen may more such cool “workshops” in our life what you and We wish with all my heart.


For a long time I am developing my femininity, but since the return of Sebastian with male initiation my development took a dizzying pace! I have a feeling that it was not weeks, but months have passed since this workshop .. 🙂

The changes I see in many areas – in his appearance, behavior, in my perception of Sebastian, and most actually in sex … and they are absolutely the best and the biggest changes, which in this field have ever experienced! Well, but in turn ??

As for appearance, it seems to me Sebastian larger, the fuller, for example. Always admired his broad chest, but right now knocks my socks off! 🙂 As for behavior, is what strikes me most is his deep inner peace, but at the same time hidden strength. I look at him and know that this guy has layers of inner power that no one he does not jump … He he, even I zrymowa這 🙂 Seba was always zen – outdoors. But this the new peace is another quality. She has some depth, maturity and wisdom … I look at him differently. I feel respect and admiration …

A sex … write a short, but I could make about this whole poem – Sebastian made me conscious woman … Excuse me gentlemen, with respect for our privacy more in the news about it will not be … 🙂

At the same time, and probably and consequently, watching as she quickly and firmly to changing … I allow myself to subtlety, delicacy, ethereal, slush, receptiveness … for everything feminine, and previously turned down because it seemed weak and boring … only now I am discovering what a fun … How cool is to allow yourself to be a woman 🙂 How cool is to put a long skirt, shed uncomfortable high heels, wipe artificial makeup, stop seduce, and just be … together … and this is the greatest aphrodisiac …

In other words, I become a woman in a relationship. Leaving the man is masculine. What a relief not having to be a guy in a relationship, phew! ??

There’s something else. Sebastian makes me feel like a queen. In his every gesture – when he opens the door, shakes hands when getting out of the car, bringing tea to the bath and many other such “minor” actions – there is so much love, respect and any such sublimity. I really feel if I was the queen. Now I also know that I feel this way because they let Sebastian so treat … And it has nothing to do with being a princess being carried on a pedestal. On the contrary – I feel honored that it was THE man with a capital “M” so nobly treats me … I accept.


Female partners of men taking part in the Men’s Workshop wrote down their impressions about what has changed in their lives. We present them with their consent, in their original form. We encourage you to read, and the ladies thank you for your openness!

To no one to torment let me briefly present:

As I mentioned, by booking a place to my husband in the workshop I had great hopes, that someone will be able to move my husband emotionally. Unfortunately, emotions, and their showing was not at his best, as his parents supressed his emotions in his childhood. For this reason ha had difficulties in showing his fondness. For this reason he had difficulties in showing his fondness, with sensitivity to his feelings and others. Someone whom nobody ever hugged on average they feel the need to hug the other – that is how it works … Besides, I’m very keen on the fact that my husband spent a few days with the men with whom he can establish truly male relationships, because there is no relatioship between him and his father (his father physically exists and raised Jack, unfortunately, they do not have the slightest emotional bond with each other on the level of son-father). Therefore, my husband has huge deficits in deriving power from the male energy, openness of his heart and confidence.

At this point, I would really like to thank the organizers for the male workshop. The changes that have occurred in Jack exeeded my boldest expectations, I think his ones all the more. He came back to me as a completely different person, a real man of flesh and blood. I do not know what you are doing there, but the effects are amazing! Our relationship hopped on a completely different, emotional level and bringing with it a new quality of everyday life. When Jack called me after the workshop I did not recognize his voice. In fact, now it is the voice of another man … I recommend to all, who are looking for better quality for their relationship.



Robert commentary (after the workshop in June 2014)


Thanks for sharing experiences after the workshop, I am adding my ones.
I also feel stronger, I have a sense of inner support and I look for it less outside myself.
There is easier for me in contact with other men, I am now more natural than before the workshop.
I am more determined and less analyse internally already taken decisions.
I finished a few minor issues which should be completed for a long time and the next few ones I am going to complete in the near future. I resonate with Tom words very much, that we can only betray ourselves. Well, I am going to complete what I started and enjoy it.
I have the impression, as Slawek, that my voice changed to a deeper, slightly lower, now I also like more it.
When I returned, my friend asked me: “what happened on these workshops”. I replied: “I will not tell you, because it’s men’s workshop”, what she replied to: “Oh, that is how you need to treat a woman!”, she was very glad.
Unfortunately, I caught a disease that has intensified over the weekend, so I did not speak up in the meeting matter. I have already recovered. Perhaps it was a transitory effect of difficult decision I made, but it was definitely the only way I could be honest with myself.
I do breathing and energy exercises which Tom taught us , I like them very much. We can practice them practically everywhere, I like doing these exercises in buses.
I hope that these positive changes are permanent.

kind regards,

The commentary of Michael (after the workshop in April 2016)

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you something important for me.
In mid-April of this year, I took part in the Men’s Workshop, which led Tom De Winter. I am impressed by the benefits that now I collect. And I feel this is just the beginning. I was touched the most by the initiation on the workshop. That is what is missing in Europe. Men are brought up by their mothers. I felt like a boy taken into the unknown. As the young Indian who is cared by his tribe. They are taken at the age of about twelve from the mother and then this man is ready at the age of eighteen to start a family. When I was eighteen years old, I was ready to start a family etc. Although I am now thirty years old, I do not feel ready yet to start a family but I feel closer to this, I feel more myself, my masculine energy.
Thanks to himself and everyone connected with it :):
Janusz Pietrzak, Tomasz Szczepanowski, Tadeusz Kuropatwiński
Thank you friends 🙂
I invite all sentient a Call and adolescent men in these difficult, European conditions for the Tom’s Workshop.…
27 – 30 October

The commentary of Lucas (after the workshop in June 2014)

Greetings my brothers,

The workshop gave me inner strength, peace and confidence. I completed some kind of gap within myself, I boosted my male energy, I came back to eatrh in relation to myself and other men. Coming for the workshop was one of the best decisions that I made. And although the impact with reality was difficult, I do not regret anything. I feel that I returned to “the internal home.” I’m relieved. Thank you with all my heart.
I am also pleased that after the workshop I have already met with £ukasz and with his 3 year old son we played and talked on the playground for 3 hours. Great time. And together with Martin – we drank a beer and talked as the most real brothers – with respect, joy. We are strong. It works. We can help each other in our lives. I am delighted such contacts.

I have proposed, for example, to create a group on Facebook for us. Only authentic men. We can contact, arrange meetings and trips, share information, reflections. What do you thinka bout it?

In the fraternal embrace – I greet you all !!!


Is there anything else in the relationship with your partner / children / parents after more than five months of your participation in the men’s workshop?

1. CHILDREN: I feel a huge emotional responsibility in relation to children. I take myself by surprise that I am so sensitive and aware of my own role. I discovered new resource of love for children.
2. MEN: I stopped being afraid of guys. I am open to getting to know them. Censorship disappeared in me, that when dealing with men, someone will accuse me of being gay. Now I treat men as “brothers.” I learned to look them in the eyes, understand and listen. I fancy more to make friends with them now.
3. WOMEN: I feel that they are from “another planet.” However, I treat them as “partners” and not someone “worse”, someone who is “below”. I started to listen to them, I’m empathetic. Women attract me even more now.

What is your inner feeling in relation to your masculanity?

I WITH MYSELF: I am much calmer. I feel more masculine, mature, responsible. I also feel an inner confidence and strength. I feel this to be an exceptional guy. I have become more intelligent and independent. I like my body and my voice even more. I have more energy. I can feel their psychophysical individuality against women. I can and want to spend time alone. I also know that I am able to use my physical strength to defend myself, children, women and others who need it.
HOW OTHERS PERCEIVE ME? : Masculine, organised, soulful, mature, sensible, wise, “bigger”, more handsome, more attractive, changed.