The workshop for men is  led by  Tom de Winter 
WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN will be held in parallel with the workshop for men
The workshop for women is  led by  Ph.D. Izabela Kopaniszyn


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Advanced level of men’s workshop conducted by Tom de Winter is designed as a continuation of intensive workshop for men, level 1 “Become an authentic man”. During four days spent together, we will deepen our awareness and knowledge in relation to our masculanity and outer world. We will work in open, safe and secure atmosphere. You will be supported by a team who was specially trained to support you during this workshop. Our support will not stop with the workshop, it continues…

The workshop program:

First day (evening) – of your masculine reality
We will find out what is your actual situation in relation to your masculanity, what is the main issue, which is holding you back of being a man, what is the impact it your parents, job, religion, social environment etc. Did you reach your commitment from level 1 of men’s workshop. If you were not successful in it, what are the reasons? Is the lack of reaching your personal commitments a pattern repeating in your life. we will talk about how your masculine and feminine issues have changed after level 1 men’s workshop. We will exchange experiences with giving and receiving as a man ? We will exercise the way you communicate in your daily life from the level of mind, heart and your masculine energy.

Second day – your inner world.
The program will be mainly designed to become more aware of your inner masculine world. To be in close physical contact with yourself and the other participants. we will discover your mission according to your masculine archetype you are living. Is this your desire? We will find out how to live with our inner agressor and how to use in positive way his positive energy. We often supress our own agressor, however it is powerful energy being the main source of our life. We will see as well, what is our physical strength and allow it to be. We will find out whether the father lives through us.

Third day  – you inner world in reflection with daily reality..
We will take care of your communication way of your inner world with outer world. We will talk about your life and emotional level in realtion to your inner agressor. We will find out how to overcome the fear of living your masculine power.

Forth day – mantra in realtion to your masculine and feminine components.
e will exchange experiences from the course of workshop. We will talk about what you learned from the other participants and what can be used in your own life. We will wonder what choices you make and how you want to live it, in the context how the situation looks like you live in at present.

START: 30 June 2022 at about 18:30
END:  3 July 2022 at about 14:00
VENUE: The Center  “ODDECHOWO” Borzymy n. Warsaw in Poland,
FEES: 1800 PLN + plus accommodation and food price.

Payment for stay and meals: The payment for stay and meals are billed separately. The total cost is 200 PLN/day/person, that is for the entire stay 600 PLN. There are 3 meals a day and the accommodation is in 4 or 5-person cabins, in 4-person cabins there are 2 double rooms, and in 5-person cabins there are 2 double rooms and 1 single room – we sleep 3

The bank account of the organizer: 20 1240 1330 1111 0000 2300 8696 (PEKAO SA) Janusz Pietrzak