15-18 March 2018  

                         XIV Polish edition                     (seat reservation)



Would you agree with me that it is hard to be a real man in the twenty-first century? Many of us have been raised by our mothers, who although directed love, never replace a father. Father, who had no time to take care of us, because he had to work to maintain a family or indulged in varoius addictions, not coping with his role. Who had us to pass on patterns and knowledge about how to be a man? It is not a woman! How many of us took initiation into the men’s age, so-called “first haircut initiation”. I do not know anyone. And you?

Hence the idea of MALE WORKSHOP showed up. In the group only of men, isolated from female energy, we will together make up for lost time. We will work together on what it means to be a man for almost four days to heal relationship with a father and other men and inner boy who sits in all of us. We also will get tools, that will allow to find our place in the world as a man and we all will go through initiation ritual of becoming real man.

Who is this workshop for:

– father, husbands, lovers who want to improve their relationships
– directors, managers, entrepreneurs – you become an Authentic Leader, you have always wanted to be
– men raised without a father – you will catch up on shortcomings in relations with other men
– lost and looking for meaning in life – perhaps the only one thing missing you to be happy is awakening the Authentic Man in yourself

What brings you the Workshop for Men:

– you will find the right place in your family, work, society
– you will have more confidence in yourself
– you will open to other men and learn how to interact with them
– you will gain confidence needed to manage others and yourself
– you will improve the quality of relationships with women
– you will learn how to properly use and control your male sexual energy

It does not matter whether you are 15 or 65 years old or you have family or not, because in order to complete the process of becoming a real, strong and confident of his masculanity guy is always good time.


Tom de Winter - kim jest

Tom de Winter has been conducting professional workshops for companies and social groups for many years. He resides is Oosterbeek (Netherlands) and in Maierhofen (Bavaria-Germany), where he founded a new Training Centre.

Tom is a teacher of spiritual practices, tantra and the therapist from the Netherlands. He worked on various positions related to direct work with people. Before he began the therapeutic practice, he was among other things, the head of the the personnel department in the airline Transavia Airlines. He implements the principle, that the senses and feelings associated with body are a key part of the healing process and the outer world reflects us what we are inside ourselves. He studied social sciences and esoteric knowledge in the development of intuition, healing, aura, tantra, enhancing Alpha waves activity in the brain.

Tom is a strong man with integrated female components. He leads workshops securely, meaningfully, and effectively. Paying attention to each participant cares so that the group acted consistently, resolutely, but without aggression. All elements of the the workshop, especially initiation ritual, which he oversees,
is long memorable for participants and changing their lives into more complete.

Watch the video from which you will learn more about the idea of this workshop:

Tom de Winter talks about mediatation, feelings, self-respect, the creation and personal development:

You want to know what exactly has changed in the lives of men who participated in the workshop?


START: 15  March 2018 (Thursday) around 6.30 p.m.
END: 18 March 2017 (Sunday) around 3 p.m.
VENUE:  Portugal or “Oddechowo” in Borzymy n.Warsaw
INVESTMENT: 1200 PLN + plus accommodation and food price.
Note, possible discount 100 PLN with payment of deposit 400 PLN or full payment for the workshop until January 15th, 1100 PLN fee.
The workshop is going to be translated from English to Polish.

 Enrolment and contact:


Reservation is made by payment of 400 PLN deposit. The deposit will not be returned two weeks before the workshop.

The bank account of the organizer: 20 1240 1330 1111 0000 2300 8696 (PEKAO SA) Janusz Pietrzak

The fee per stay and board: room and board are accounted for separately. Food 225 PLN (for the entire stay) and the stay from 70 PLN to 83 PLN (per person per night – depending on the comfort of the room. The rooms are en suite or without, a collective room, etc- we will sleep 3 nights). You can book a double room for exclusive extra charge. Payment on the spot in cash or by bank transfer to the organizer’s account.

Seats are limited.

The books: “Iron John” – Robert Bly and “Absent Fathers, Lost Sons” – Guy Corneau are recommended to read before the workshop!

Do you have any questions about the workshop? We will be happy to answer them:

Janusz – tel. 601415347 e-mail:

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